Four of the most common ice shapes

Cubed Ice

Cubed ice is the most common ice shape, and is often found in restaurants, bars, and convenience stores. These ice cubes provide a 100% ice-to-water ratio. Ice shaped in a cube provides a clean look thanks to their uniform shape and size.

Cubes are great for mixed drinks, carbonated beverages, ice dispensing and banquet services. The small cube size works great to displace liquid inside the cup where the larger size cubes are ideal for water pitchers, ice chests and any application where time and high melt factors are present.

Nugget Ice

Originally designed for use in healthcare, nugget ice has a very high percentage of water to make it extremely easy to chew. This style of ice is also commonly known as pearl ice or sonic ice, due to its popularization after being used by the fast-food chain. This shape of ice is made by compressing flakes of ice together, creating a soft and chewable texture.

Nugget ice is soft, cylindrical and slow-melting:  it is ideal for carbonated beverages, food displays, ice dispensing and therapeutic applications in the healthcare market. Each individual piece remains free-flowing at all times while helping drinks cool rapidly and maintain their flavor. It is also ideal for blending applications and is a favorite due to its soft, chew-able characteristics.

Flake Ice

Flake ice looks a lot like snow, has fast cooling power and has very low production costs. Flaked ice works great in blended cocktails and salad bars to produce, seafood and meat displays. Flake ice is the top choice for therapeutic use in healthcare facilities.

Flake ice is made by freezing water on a cylindrical evaporator and then scraping the ice off with a rotating auger. Flake ice is soft and pliable, making it easy to mold and shape around food products. It’s also great for drinks, as it quickly cools beverages without diluting the flavor.

Gourmet Ice

Gourmet ice, also known as top hat or bullet ice, is large, crystal-clear, and perfectly shaped. It is often used in high-end cocktails.

Gourmet ice is ideal for drinks, as it cools quickly and doesn’t dilute the flavor. It has nearly 100% ice-to-water ratio. The surface area is excellent for retaining the integrity of the beverage’s flavor, while keeping your beverages colder for extended periods of time. It’s also great for presentation, as it adds a touch of elegance to any drink. Gourmet ice cubes are ideal for bar use, waitress stations, office suites and break rooms.