China First Countertop Free-Installation Water Purifier-WaterO

China First Countertop Free-Installation Water Purifier-WaterO


Product Description

Red dot design award product
Instant hot water dispenser,Hydrogen water dispenser,Alkaline water dispenser

Technical Specification

Model WA-1 Desktop Water Dispenser
WA-1 Hydrogen Water Dispenser
Size 340*270*352mm
Outer box size 445*360*480mm
Tap water tank 3L
Pure water tank 1.2L
RO membrane 50 Gallon
Rated Voltage 220V-240V,50HZ
110V-120V 60HZ
Rated Power 2200W/1650W
Flow Rate 130ml/min
Maximum water flow 1100ml/min
Purify capacity 2000L
Water Temperature 25°/40°/60°/85°/95°
Water Volume 150ml/250ml/330ml/
Smart Control Button+Touch Screen
Filter PP+Carbon+RO+Cabon
Filter lifetime 12 months
Weight N.W 7.5kg;G.W 9.6kg
Loading Qty 20dv:392pcs; 40dv:808pcs;


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