Clear Cube Ice Maker-Yulia FIB02a Ice Cube Making Machine

Clear Cube Ice Maker-Yulia FIB02a Ice Cube Making Machine


Product Description

Transparent cube ice, bubble-free, high density, slow melting. 2.Adjustable production volume.
Quieter operation, below 60dB, with a “mute” option.
Compact, the smallest solid ice maker on the market.

Technical Specification

Model FB12-01a
Size 320*230*330mm
Packing Size 380*290*390
Power 120W
Rated Votage 240V~ 50Hz/110V~ 60Hz
Tank Capacity 1L
Cooling Tech Compressor
Refrigerator R290a/24g
Ice Cube Qty 12pcs cube ice/each time
Ice making capacity 15KG/Day
Sterilization UV sterilization of water tanks
Working environment
Climate Classes ST SN N
Weight N.W 9kg,G.W 11kg
Load Qty 20dv/720pcs,40dv/1488pcs

Compact size ice machine fits perfectly on kitchen,Offices, Home Coffee Bars.C
Crystal-Clear Cube Ice with no bubbles,Better taste.
Self-cleaning function makes for fresh-tasting ice every time.
Versatile controls put you in charge of ice thickness, timing, and refills.
Large viewing window makes it easy to check ice progress and capacity.
Intuitive LCD controls make start-up and operation a snap.
The water tank has ultraviolet sterilization function to keep the water clean.


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