About Yulia

CEO Introduction

Mr. Zhou Xin, the CEO of Yulia, was born in Anhui, China in 1966 and graduated from Anhui University with a degree in Electronic Engineering. He began his career as an electronics teacher, imparting professional knowledge to students and nurturing generations of electronic engineers. Later,  he transitioned into quality inspection roles at a third-party inspection company in the United States, where he gained a deep understanding of the close connection between product quality and market demand, laying a solid foundation for his expertise in product development and innovation.

In 2002, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Zhou founded Yulia Electronic Technology in Dongguan, China. Initially, the company served as an OEM manufacturer for American and Japanese enterprises. During the early stages of entrepreneurship, Yulia garnered a steady stream of clients through word-of-mouth referrals from industry partners, establishing itself as a renowned collaborator in the industry. However, the Yulia team did not rest on its laurels. In 2014, they embarked on a new journey. Recognizing the importance of independent research and development, Mr. Zhou shifted his focus to the water purification sector. The Yulia team began focusing on the development of desktop water purifiers without installation, and in 2015, successfully launched China’s first desktop water purifier, WaterO. From the inception of the business to the present day, he and the Yulia technical team have been involved in the design and manufacturing of numerous products, many of which have led the market for several years.

With over 22 years of experience in research, development, and manufacturing, Mr. Zhou has always pursued excellence in quality. He firmly believes that outstanding products should not only meet functional requirements but also possess exceptional aesthetics and user experience. This unwavering pursuit of product excellence served as a crucial driving force in the early stages of his entrepreneurship and laid a solid foundation for the successful establishment of his own brands, Aiberle and Metapure. Under his leadership, the Yulia team is committed to prioritizing customer needs, not only striving to meet functional requirements but also providing high-quality products and services. They relentlessly pursue the perfect combination of product design and manufacturing, aiming to bring more surprises and delights to their customers.

Water is not something people drink when they are thirsty. It’s a life. Yes, Yulia wants to make people’s lives better and healthier.

Company Ideals

China is a country that sees water as precious. People drink tea a lot, and everyone, even doctors, always say, “Drink much water as possible.” We can see many people have their own tumblers in their hands every day. They deserve to get the most purist and healthy water anytime they want.

Since 2014, we have focused our years of experience in manufacturing, technological innovation, research and development, product design, as well as user experience and service in producing high-quality water purification products. Our rich experience and our desire for people to have better water led us to decide to start producing our own products. We are eager to manufacture better water-supplying equipment, and we deeply hope that our technology can add significant value to people’s lives. This is where our journey at Yulia began.

We specialize in a variety of water purification and drinking products, including water faucets, tabletop water purifiers, ice makers, instant hot water dispensers, sparkling water machines, and cold water dispensers. We adhere to environmental protection principles and use technologies such as efficient purification and concentration to restore water to its purest, most natural state. We add natural minerals, trace elements, and other substances to filtered pure water, providing people around the world with healthier, safer, and higher-quality purified water, mineral water, and naturally flavored water, thereby enabling them to lead better lives.